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The Cinematic Orchestra In Motion #1 Ninja Tune 2012 e, m, mstr
The Cinematic Orchestra Entr’acte / Manhatta Ninja Tune 2011 e, m, mstr
The Cinematic Orchestra Lilac Wine 10″ Ninja Tune 2010 e, m
Mikael Jorgensen & Greg O’keiff Bunny Hates Wolf TBD 2012 e, m
Talk Normal TBD TBD 2012 e, m
Graph Rabbit Snowblind TBD 2012 e, m, p
Elska Middle of Nowhere Winter Bear Records 2012 e, m, p
Blue Coin Killing Spree TBD 2012 p, m, mstr
The Loom Teeth Crossbill 2011 p, m, e
Sea of Bees BTR Live Crossbill/Heavenly 2011 m
Chimneys The Antarctic Tinderbox 2010 m, mstr
The Fancy Don’t Wait Up [tbd] 2011 m, mstr
Billy Nayer Show Leeds Trailer BNS 2005 e, m
Jonah Smith Lights On Voluptuary 2009 m
Cucu Diamantes Cucu Land(Grammy Nomination) Fun Machine 2010 e
Cucu Diamantes & Herba Buena Heroes Soundtrack NBC 2009 m
Downtown Harvest Discovering Dinosaurs Malgona 2009 m
Downtown Harvest Golden Dragon Malgona 2007 m
Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) Gillan’s Inn EMI 2005 e
Second Dan Angeline Rola Pola 2010 e
The End Men Build It Up Well Rounded Hoodlum 2011 m, mstr
Aaron Parks Invisible Cinema Bluenote 2008 e
Time Farmer Born On American Hickory 2007 m, mstr
Jesus H. Christ Happier Than You 2008 p,m,e
Lara Ewen Ghosts & Gasoine Unstrung 2007 p, m, e
Rachel Z, Dept of Good and Evil self titled Savoy 2007 m, e
Rachel Z, Omar Hakim Trio of Oz Ozmosis 2010 m, e
New York Path to Peace Give Peace Some Chants 12/8 2009 p, m, e
Antennas Up self titled Blue Collar 2009 m
Paul Britten Life and Death, Part I ind 2007 p, m