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Traveling and the needs of different projects call for different studios.  These are a few that Allen has strong relationships with.

The Snow Farm – Allen’s home-based mixing studio in Brooklyn.

  • Custom API console.
  • Analog and digital, including Studer A-80 ½”
Mavericks Studio – Manhattan’s brilliant open-concept studio.

  • Inward Connections/API Console
  • Analog and digital recording.
  • Incredible drum and cymbal collection.
Studio G – Brooklyn’s best.

  • Neve, SSL consoles
  • Analog and digital recording.
  • Like an outboard gear museum.
The Hanger Studio – Sacramento, CA.

  • Neve, API consoles
  • Everything under the sun and more.
  • Half-pipe.
Jackpot! Recording – Portland, OR.

  • Rupurt Neve Designs console.
  • Analog and digital recording.
  • Great instruments, mics, etc…